Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What a Difference A Year Makes!

Look what happening to me! I am being returned to my former glory, only better.
My roof is already looking good.

From the back view I am a maze of scaffolding.

You will recall in "17 Browning Street" I reflected:
"I sit and dream of an unlikely future, someone realising my worth,
making way for a restump, renovation and paint job, giving me
a new lease on life."

Well, this unlikely future is happening, right here, right now. That apprentice painter who nearly 45 years ago painted my hallway a fresh pale green and, for a moment in time, made me feel bright again, has returned. Yes, Lawrie's and Mary's son Paul has returned all these years later to change me from living the life of "Baby Jane" to that of "Cinderella." I might even get to go to the ball.

I have had restumpers, asbestos removers, architects, builders, window framers, roofers, plumbers, electricians, engineers and painters all examining my structure, discussing my good and bad points right in front of me as if I can't hear them. One even suggested demolishing me. That was greeted with a steely stare. Thank heavens! I was about to drop my ceiling on the owner of that comment. That would have taught him a lesson.

These past few weeks, I have witnessed a hive of industry. Trucks and utes parked all over my yard; hidden under a covering of scaffolding; much sawing, hammering and slapping. All of this to try to recapture how I looked many years ago. And I'm loving the attention. Who kinow what my future will be now?

Anyone for a public bath?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Neighbour "Nook"

I have stood here in Browning Street from the late 1880s, so long ago I can hardly remember and have watched the changes around me. West End is fast losing old houses like me and in our place high towers are coming and I know one day, I will be standing in the encroaching shadow of one such tall building.
However, recently there was a change for the better. I watched as my neighbour, 19 Browning Street was given some repairs and a paint job and she looks terrific, original, but clean and bright and all cream and red. I'm envious. Then a beautiful sign was put outside with the word "Nook" on it and I wondered "What's this all about?" Now people come and go and take away with them paper bags and big smiles. I now can't wait to wake up each day to see who will visit my neighbour.
And there is the most wonderful little vegie patch right outside. My neighbour has two humans, a young man named Julian and a young woman named Michelle. Sometimes I see Michelle come out and pick fresh vegies for their dinner and I think to myself, "This is so how West End used to be". And I love it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


From the front I appear as a worker's cottage. I am run down now and you might be tempted to judge my worth because of that, but it wasn't always so. If you have the patience to stop for a while and listen to my rusty reminiscences and share my old world, I have a story to tell.